You’ve proudly served our country, now California Flight Academy is proud to serve you.

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U.S. Military Students

We’re dedicated to making your aviation educational experience the best it can possibly be.  California Flight Academy provides you with an accelerated, clear pathway to becoming a professional pilot in the growing airline industry. Our pathway is proven – having helped thousands of students from across the world to achieve their pilot career goals.

Military Service Appreciation Discounts
California Flight Academy is honored to support Active Duty military personnel and Veterans of the U.S. Military and their families in achieving their aviation education and career goals.

How to Apply for GI Bill® Benefits
The process to apply for military education benefits consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain a Certificate of Release/Discharge, Report of Separation or Record of Service.

Step 2: Apply for benefits through the VA.  Note that you may apply online or by filling out a paper application.  If you need assistance completing your application, please contact a Veterans Benefits Specialist by calling 619-448-2212 or contact a VA Education Case Manager at 1-888-GIBill1.

Step 3: Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA and send it to your Veterans Benefits Specialist at California Flight Academy.

Step 4: Complete the California Flight Academy admissions process.
After you attend your first class at California Flight Academy, your Veterans Benefits Specialist will process and certify your enrollment dates through the Veterans Affairs office.

For additional information, including a complete listing of military educational benefit options available to you, visit, or contact a California Flight Academy Admissions Representative at 888-768-6861.

Additional Military Educational Benefits and Information

Tuition and Fees
The Veterans Administration will pay for a portion of tuition and fees, based on several items, including your state of residence and years of service, among other factors. Please visit the VA website for a current schedule of tuition and fees.

Once you begin the admissions process by completing the Request Info form above, California Flight Academy will assign you a Veterans Benefits Specialist to assist in determining your benefits.

Post-9/11 GI Bill®
The Post-9/11 GI Bill® is available for individuals who served on active duty for at least 90 aggregate days on or after September 11, 2001 and are still serving or were honorably discharged from active duty, released from active duty and placed on the retired or temporary disability retired list, released from active duty and transferred to the Fleet Reserve/Fleet Marine Corps Reserve or released for further service in a reserve component of the Armed Forces. You may receive up to 36 months of assistance covering up to 100% paid tuition. The amount received is based upon the length of the service given. In addition, you are entitled to a monthly housing allowance and a yearly stipend for books and supplies.  To find out more about the Post-9/11 GI Bill® and your qualifying amount, visit the United States Department of Veteran Affairs.

This benefit may also transfer unused Post 9/11 GI Bill® (TEB) benefits to your spouse or children generally after 10 years of military service or 6 years of completed service and a commitment for an additional 4 years. Get more information about TEB benefits.

Montgomery GI Bill® – Active Duty (MGIB-AD)
The Montgomery GI Bill® – Active Duty is available to those who entered active duty after June 30, 1985, have been honorably discharged, have a high school diploma or GED, and had military pay reduced for this specific benefit. Up to 36 months of assistance is available and is valid for 10 years after active military service. Find out more about the Montgomery GI Bill® – Active Duty.

Montgomery GI Bill® – Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR)
The Montgomery GI Bill® – Selected Reserve is available to those who are a member of the Selected Reserve, which includes: Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, and the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. Eligibility for this program requires a six-term commitment signed after June 30, 1985, completion of your initial active duty for training (IADT), receipt of a high school diploma or equivalent before completing IADT and remaining in good standing while serving in the Selected Reserve. Up to 36 months of assistance is available and eligibility usually ends the day you leave the Selected Reserve. Get additional information on the Montgomery GI Bill® – Selected Reserve.

Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)
The Reserve Education Assistance Program is available to certain reservists who were called or ordered to active military service in response to a national emergency or war after September 11, 2001. Eligibility for this program requires a minimum of 90 consecutive days of service unless injured or became ill while in the line of duty. Up to 36 months of assistance is available with an award amount between 40% and 80% of the Montgomery GI Bill®-Active Duty rate. Get additional information on REAP.

Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)
The Veterans Educational Assistance Program is available to those who entered the military after January 1, 1977, did not enter into a contract with the Armed Forces under a delayed entry program and elected to contribute to this benefit program. Contributions to the benefit will be matched by the Government on a 2:1 basis. Up to 36 months of benefits are available depending on the number of monthly contributions to the program. This benefit must be used within 10 years from the date of release of active duty or the contribution amount will be automatically refunded. Get additional information on VEAP.

Survivors and Dependents Assistance (DEA)
The Survivors and Dependents Assistance program is available to dependents of qualified veterans. To qualify, you must be a son, daughter or spouse of a veteran who died or was disabled while on active duty or if the veteran is considered Missing in Action (MIA) or captured while in active service. If you are a son or daughter of the veteran, this benefit must be used between the ages of 18 and 26. If you are the spouse of this veteran, eligibility will last up to 10 or 20 years following your eligibility date. View details on Survivors and Dependents Assistance.


Chehadeh Alchikh

Hired by Airlines

Alchikh is a proud California Flight Academy graduate. As one of our youngest flight instructors, Alchikh has already earned 5 flight certificates, and is working on more. Alchikh’s love for aviation began at age 15 and was fueled by his brother’s interest in flight. Alchikh was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. After graduating high school, he started pilot training here at C.F.A. His ambition and motivation makes him a wonderful role model for his students. When not flying, you can find Alchikh on the basketball court. Someday, he hopes to fly for Emirate Airlines.
“Live to fly, fly to live”

David Tittle

Hired by Airlines

David’s passion for flight began watching a Blue Angel airshow as a small boy, it was then he knew aviation was his future. He grew up in Prescott Arizona where his father taught aviation and is proud to continue with the family tradition of taking to the skies.
“I have always wanted to be an educator. Having the ability to combine that with aviation is dream come true.”

Mohammad Al Masarwa


CFI Mohammad Al Masarwa was born and raised in Syria and he speaks both Arabic and English. His free time is spent scuba diving and driving high performance autos. Mohammad obtained his education at Royal Jordanian Air Academy in Jordan and here at California Flight Academy.
“Teaching aviation has given me a deep and detailed understanding of what it takes to be a pilot, and I love communicating that to my students.”

Mohamed Elserihi


CFI Mohamed Elserihi is from Cairo, Egypt and speaks Arabic and English. In his spare time he enjoys muscle cars, rally racing and fishing. He studied Architecture and Design at Cairo University but like all of our CFIs, chose to pursue a career in Aviation.
“Being a CFI you get a lot of experience flying with students that will help you and them in your career.”

Andrew Aldrich


CFI Andrew Aldrich grew up in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado and enjoys everything outdoors as well as drawing and painting. He studied Political Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder but rather than a path into politics he took to the skies with a career in Aviation.
“If you can teach it you know it, so working as a Flight Instructor gives me a chance to refine my own skills and help others reach their goals.”

Rio Jasso


CFI Rio Jasso is a California native raised in Moorpark. He studied Aviation Flight Technology in college with a goal to become Captain for a major airline. Rio loves spending time with his family camping and playing basketball.
“I want to help others reach their goals in aviation as I continue to reach for my own.”

Louai Khafaai


CFI Louai Khafagi was raised in both Ann Arbor, Michigan and Cairo, Egypt and speaks English and Arabic. Louai studied aviation in Greece, Qatar and Dallas, Texas making him one of the most international of our CFI’s. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and surfing.
“Having the opportunity to teach others to fly lets me share an incredible sense of accomplishment.”

Alessandro Gonzalez


CFI Alex Gonzalez is from Seal Beach, California and is just as comfortable in the water as he is in the skies. He studied Graphic Design at Cal State Long Beach, but then his love of aviation took him into flight training and eventually a Commercial Pilot license.
“I love everything about aviation and flying and I hope to communicate that to my students.”

Brennan Gray


Brennan Gray grew up in Evergreen, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado-Boulder. There she studied Pre-Med but moved on to Aviation because of her passion for flying. She derives a great amount of satisfaction from the success of her students. When not flying she is watching football, or participating in one of the many sports she pursues.
“I love helping students achieve and even raise their goals in aviation.”

Jeff Dillard


Jeff is a Southern California native having grown up in Escondido, California. He studied Business at Palomar College and then went on to earn his Flight Instructor rating. On his off time, Jeff trades the skies for the ocean while scuba diving. 
“I have a great time teaching my students how great aviation is.”

Mohamed Hamdi


Hama is from Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia and speaks Arabic, French, English and German. He has trained in both Florida and California and is enthusiastic about his career as a Flight Instructor. Hama is an avid reader and loves to cook for friends and family in his free time.
“Teaching flying provides me the opportunity to become a better pilot every day.”

Ryan Decker


Originally from Indiana, Ryan acquired his aviation training in Sacramento, California. Captured by the beauty of California, Ryan decided to teach here as a CFI to bring up the next generation of pilots as he himself continues to realize his dreams of eventually becoming a corporate pilot. In his spare time Ryan also enjoys camping, hiking and skiing.
“I enjoy the process of teaching and watching my students gain the skills that will take them to a rewarding career.”

Kent Parrish


Parrish has his bachelor’s in Business and Psychology. He previously owned a flight school offering Citation Type Ratings and owned a banner towing business. His love for aviation came from his father who is a retired TWA pilot. He likes fitness, hiking, reading and travel.
“There is nothing more rewarding than when a CFA graduate realizes their dream by getting a job with an airline.”


“Encontré todo lo que estaba buscando en CFA. ¡Me emocioné mucho!

–Luis Manuel Gómez Hernández, CFA Graduado, Mexico

“Mi tiempo en CFA fue bueno, a veces un poco difícil, pero realmente disfruté esta experiencia con mis amigos y el personal de CFA”.

–Juan Carlos Munoz Cardenas, Graduado CFA

“Solo quiero agradecerles por toda mi experiencia de entrenamiento de piloto privado. ¡Hace dos meses pasé mi último viaje de revisión de lanzamiento y ahora soy un primer oficial de Airbus 319!”

–Alberto Porras Lozano, Graduado de CFA

“CFA has the best weather to fly with good training facilities. The airport is located between mountains so that you learn the instruments and different approaches, which helped me become a great pilot. Now I’m a Boeing 737 First Officer at Miat Mongolian Airlines!”

–Tuguldur Boldbaatar, CFA Graduate

“My time at CFA was good – sometimes a bit hard – but I really enjoyed this experience with my friends and the CFA staff.”

–Juan Carlos Munoz Cardenas, CFA Graduate, Colombia

“My CFA experience was amazing. The instructors are so loving and caring – the best I could have asked for.”

–Mitchell Ross, CFA Graduate - Zambia

“I’m glad I chose CFA, because all of the staff and instructors are very humble and kind. All the students here are very friendly, and I have made friends from all over the world. This makes CFA my home away from home.”

–Irfan Asif, CFA Graduate, Saudi Arabia/Pakistan

“CFA was my choice from the moment I heard about the school. It’s the experience I got here that was very valuable.”

–Joseph Obgunbambi, CFA Graduate - Nigeria

“CFA was a great experience for me. I had everything to take my first steps in aviation. I’m now a Boeing 737 First Officer!”

–Galina Marakhovskaya, CFA Graduate, Ukraine

“I just want to say thank you for my whole private pilot training experience. Two months ago I passed my final release check ride and now I’m an Airbus 319 First Officer!”

–Alberto Porras Lozano, CFA Graduate

“After much research I chose CFA. The friends I made here and the knowledgeable instructors have made it very easy for me to secure my future in the skies. In my opinion, this is the best place to study and to get your license.”

–Maharshi Patel, CFA Graduate - India

“I was looking for very good customer service, good location, plenty of airplanes to train in, and good weather. I found everything I was looking for in CFA. When I emailed the school, I received an immediate response from a Captain who was flying in Volaris Airlines. I got very excited!”

–Luis Manuel Gómez Hernández, CFA Graduate, Mexico

Start Your Pilot Training at One of the Safest Environments!

All CFA Staff and Instructors Now Vaccinated

We are pleased to announce that all CFA staff and instructors have received the Covid-19 vaccine as of March 26, 2021. We also have vaccines available for students if needed. This means you can rest assured you are training in one of the safest environments in the U.S. We also maintain the highest standards of safety for all our aircraft at or above FAA standards. To learn more about taking that first step into the cockpit in sunny San Diego, please call +1 619 448 2212.