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“CFA has the best weather to fly with good training facilities. The airport is located between mountains so that you learn the instruments and different approaches, which helped me become a great pilot. Now I’m a Boeing 737 First Officer at Miat Mongolian Airlines!”

–Tuguldur Boldbaatar, CFA Graduate

“My time at CFA was good – sometimes a bit hard – but I really enjoyed this experience with my friends and the CFA staff.”

–Juan Carlos Munoz Cardenas, CFA Graduate, Colombia

“My CFA experience was amazing. The instructors are so loving and caring – the best I could have asked for.”

–Mitchell Ross, CFA Graduate - Zambia

“I’m glad I chose CFA, because all of the staff and instructors are very humble and kind. All the students here are very friendly, and I have made friends from all over the world. This makes CFA my home away from home.”

–Irfan Asif, CFA Graduate, Saudi Arabia/Pakistan

“CFA was my choice from the moment I heard about the school. It’s the experience I got here that was very valuable.”

–Joseph Obgunbambi, CFA Graduate - Nigeria

“CFA was a great experience for me. I had everything to take my first steps in aviation. I’m now a Boeing 737 First Officer!”

–Galina Marakhovskaya, CFA Graduate, Ukraine

U.S. Military Personnel Welcome

Use your military educational benefits to achieve the pilot career of your dreams.

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