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Alumni Profile: Gustavo Salvador

January 26, 2022
by Kent Parrish

Home Country: Brazil

Instructors: Anthony, John, and Ron

Tell me the story of when you knew you wanted to fly:

When I was 14, I had the opportunity to apply for a military career “air force”. But, in the same year I was invited to play basketball in Argentina for the Brazilian National Team “Little League”. I chose to play basketball. At 17 I received a scholarship to play basketball in the USA and came to play basketball for 2 years. Then, I was injured and returned to Brazil. I returned to my pilot career and got a job with a Brazilian airline. I decided that I needed more knowledge and practice in English, and decided to return to the USA to train as a pilot.

What did you like most about CFA?

The support that the school gives to all their students. The instructors are very patient and their teaching methods are geared toward helping their students. Additionally, the aircraft and maintenance area are excellent.

What plans do you have for your newly acquired flight certifications?

My goal is to become a captain or first officer in a shipping company. This is a difficult field to get into, so I will start in the commercial airlines and let God take care. I would also like to become an instructor.


“I just want to say thank you for my whole private pilot training experience. Two months ago I passed my final release check ride and now I’m an Airbus 319 First Officer!”
–Alberto Porras Lozano, CFA Graduate
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