Alumni Profile: Steven Diaz

Home Country: Mexico

Instructors: Alex

Tell me the story of when you knew you wanted to fly:

When I turned 16, I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. Being a pilot was simply the answer to that.

What did you like most about CFA?

The friends I made at CFA 5 years ago, today are still my best friends, instructors, and students. We are now all working for the airlines or have corporate flight positions.

What did you like most about living in the United States?

San Diego is beautiful. Every time I get a chance, I come to visit. It is the best place in the USA.

Where are you doing now?

After graduating, I worked for 15 months as a corporate pilot, flying a Cessna Citation VII. Then, I progressed into the airlines as a first officer on Interjet, flying an airbus A320, which is what I do now.

How has your time at CFA changed your life?

It has changed me in all ways. I am happy, motivated, have a great job, and am looking forward to the future. Thank you CFA!