Earn Your Professional Pilot’s License in Less Than a Year


Kent Parrish

Parrish has his bachelor’s in Business and Psychology. He previously owned a flight school offering Citation Type Ratings and owned a banner towing business. His love for aviation came from his father who is a retired TWA pilot. He likes fitness, hiking, reading and travel.

There is nothing more rewarding than when a CFA graduate realizes their dream by getting a job with an airline. 

Ashraf Dakwar
Commercial Pilot Advisor

Dakwar was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. Dakwar speaks Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, and English. He has wanted to be a pilot for as long as he can remember. After working as a Chief Flight Instructor for CFA, Dakwar realized his dream and took a job flying jets with American Eagle Airlines. He plays soccer when not in the cockpit.

Shigeki Morita
Chief Pilot

Morita was born in Japan and speaks Japanese and English. He has been flying with CFA for many years. He is a dedicated pilot who loves his job and works hard to make sure CFA students understand all aspects of flying. He enjoys working with both international and domestic students, furthering the safety of our school and our skies.

“I couldn’t imagine doing something other than flying. I strive to carry this passion for flying into my teaching and take great pride in my students’ successes.”

Ryan Decker

Originally from Indiana, Ryan acquired his aviation training in Sacramento, California. Captured by the beauty of California, Ryan decided to teach here as a CFI to bring up the next generation of pilots as he himself continues to realize his dreams of eventually becoming a corporate pilot. In his spare time Ryan also enjoys camping, hiking and skiing.

“I enjoy the process of teaching and watching my students gain the skills that will take them to a rewarding career.”

Mohamed Hamdi

Hama is from Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia and speaks Arabic, French, English and German. He has trained in both Florida and California and is enthusiastic about his career as a Flight Instructor. Hama is an avid reader and loves to cook for friends and family in his free time.

“Teaching flying provides me the opportunity to become a better pilot every day.” 

Jeff Dillard

Jeff is a Southern California native having grown up in Escondido, California. He studied Business at Palomar College and then went on to earn his Flight Instructor rating. On his off time, Jeff trades the skies for the ocean while scuba diving. 

“I have a great time teaching my students how great aviation is.” 

Brennan Gray

Brennan Gray grew up in Evergreen, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado-Boulder. There she studied Pre-Med but moved on to Aviation because of her passion for flying. She derives a great amount of satisfaction from the success of her students. When not flying she is watching football, or participating in one of the many sports she pursues.

“I love helping students achieve and even raise their goals in aviation.”

Alessandro Gonzalez

CFI Alex Gonzalez is from Seal Beach, California and is just as comfortable in the water as he is in the skies. He studied Graphic Design at Cal State Long Beach, but then his love of aviation took him into flight training and eventually a Commercial Pilot license.

“I love everything about aviation and flying and I hope to communicate that to my students.”

Louai Khafaai

CFI Louai Khafagi was raised in both Ann Arbor, Michigan and Cairo, Egypt and speaks English and Arabic. Louai studied aviation in Greece, Qatar and Dallas, Texas making him one of the most international of our CFI’s. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and surfing.

“Having the opportunity to teach others to fly lets me share an incredible sense of accomplishment.”

Rio Jasso

CFI Rio Jasso is a California native raised in Moorpark. He studied Aviation Flight Technology in college with a goal to become Captain for a major airline. Rio loves spending time with his family camping and playing basketball.

“I want to help others reach their goals in aviation as I continue to reach for my own.”

Andrew Aldrich

CFI Andrew Aldrich grew up in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado and enjoys everything outdoors as well as drawing and painting. He studied Political Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder but rather than a path into politics he took to the skies with a career in Aviation.

“If you can teach it you know it, so working as a Flight Instructor gives me a chance to refine my own skills and help others reach their goals.”

Mohamed Elserihi

CFI Mohamed Elserihi is from Cairo, Egypt and speaks Arabic and English. In his spare time he enjoys muscle cars, rally racing and fishing. He studied Architecture and Design at Cairo University but like all of our CFIs, chose to pursue a career in Aviation.

“Being a CFI you get a lot of experience flying with students that will help you and them in your career.”

Mohammad Al Masarwa

CFI Mohammad Al Masarwa was born and raised in Syria and he speaks both Arabic and English. His free time is spent scuba diving and driving high performance autos. Mohammad obtained his education at Royal Jordanian Air Academy in Jordan and here at California Flight Academy.

“Teaching aviation has given me a deep and detailed understanding of what it takes to be a pilot, and I love communicating that to my students.”

David Tittle
Hired by Airlines

David’s passion for flight began watching a Blue Angel airshow as a small boy, it was then he knew aviation was his future. He grew up in Prescott Arizona where his father taught aviation and is proud to continue with the family tradition of taking to the skies.

“I have always wanted to be an educator. Having the ability to combine that with aviation is dream come true.”

Cory Wirick
Hired by Airlines

Cory is from Orlando, Florida. He began flying at the age of 6 and after seeing the movie “Top Gun” he was sold on a career in aviation. Attracted to travel and the love of a good challenge, flight instructing has proved to be the perfect job for him. When not flying Cory enjoys photography, surfing and motorcycles.

“I enjoy seeing my students accomplish their aviation goals.”

Chehadeh Alchikh
Hired by Airlines

Alchikh is a proud California Flight Academy graduate. As one of our youngest flight instructors, Alchikh has already earned 5 flight certificates, and is working on more. Alchikh’s love for aviation began at age 15 and was fueled by his brother’s interest in flight. Alchikh was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. After graduating high school, he started pilot training here at C.F.A. His ambition and motivation makes him a wonderful role model for his students. When not flying, you can find Alchikh on the basketball court. Someday, he hopes to fly for Emirate Airlines.

“Live to fly, fly to live”

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“I just reached India two days ago and everyone was pleased to congratulate me for completing the course in such a short period. I really enjoyed living and flying with the CFA family and had a great time.”

– Jujhar Singh, CFA Student

“I just reached India two days ago and everyone was pleased to congratulate me for completing the course in such a short period. I really enjoyed living and flying with the CFA family and had a great time.”

– Jujhar Singh, CFA Student