Commercial Multi-Engine

The completion of a Commercial Multi-Engine Rating permits the holder to act as the Pilot-In-Command of a multi-engine aircraft.  This license also permits pilots to be paid for his or her work.  The ability to operate an aircraft with multiple engines can open professional pilots to a host of additional employment opportunities. And for those who plan to pursue a career as an Airline Transport Pilot, the Commercial Multi-Engine Rating is essential.

Students must first complete Phase III – Pre-Commercial requirements below:

  • 15 Dual Flight Hours*
  • 35 Solo Flight Hours*
  • 5 Redbird Simulator
  • Commercial Ground School

Students then complete Phase IV – Commercial Multi-Engine course requirements:

  • 20 Dual Flight Hours*
  • 5 Hours Redbird Simulator*
  • Ground Instruction (Pre/Post)
  • 2 Check Ride Hours*

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*This represents the average number of hours for a CFA student. Individual hours may vary and more hours may be required depending upon skill level. Phase III pricing is based on Cessna 152, height and weight limitations apply.