Alumni Profile: Bernardo Miguel De Lucca

Home Country: Brazil

Instructor: Akshat

Tell me the story of when you knew you wanted to fly:

My dad was a pilot so I’ve flown since I was very very young. When I was 4 years old he let me play with a small airplane just like a duchess.


What did you like most about CFA and living in the United States?

All the opportunities I had to fly, and all the people who helped me in my training (Ashkat, Yvette, Mr. Shigeki, and Athena, to name a few)


What plans do you have for your newly acquired flight certifications?

I intend to fly for airlines.


How has your time at CFA changed your life?

CFA has really changed my life because before coming here I knew nothing about flying but after 10 months I’m going back home as a commercial pilot.


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