Now Hiring: International Admissions Representative - Mexico

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Now Hiring: International Admissions Representative – Mexico

Position Description

Title:International Admissions Representative – MexicoReporting to:Director of Admissions
Department:Admissions/RecruitmentEmployment Type:Full-time, commission-only position
FLSA Classification:Contract workerLocation:Anywhere in Mexico – work at home

Position Summary

California Flight Academy (CFA) is an international premier aviation college offering training programs in Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial Single Engine, Commercial Multi Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor. CFA’s streamlined programs are tightly focused and provide graduates with the knowledge and practical skills that lead to a successful professional pilot career. As an FAA approved school under parts 141 and part 61, and an authorized Cessna Pilot Center, we offer our graduates the highest standards of safety, comfort and quality education from a professional flight academy. CFA opens a whole new world of discovery and opportunity for graduates as they receive training from dedicated, caring, career-oriented, and professionally-certified staff.

The International Admissions Representative – Mexico actively participates in CFA’s mission by providing prospective students a high level of customer service and by educating prospective students properly before they apply for admission.  They maintain regular contact with prospective students from initial inquiry through application using several contact methods while using exceptional communication, follow through, and problem resolution skills.

Performance Outcomes & Expectations

Student Applicants:

  • Applicants are inspired to their highest level of achievement and excellence.
  • Applicants are treated with fairness, respect, and impartiality while abiding by the CFA admissions process and policies as documented in the Admissions Manual.
  • Applicants are adequately prepared with the knowledge to successfully start their chosen program.
  • Applicants are guided through the application process and all necessary evidence and documents accompany a student’s application and acceptance of offer.
  • New prospective student inquiries are contacted with 24 hours using all available contact methods and the customer service provided meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Minimum number of contacts are made with new prospects weekly.
  • Minimum number of applications are obtained monthly.


  • Agreed-upon Key Performance Indicators are consistently met or exceeded.
  • Daily Accountability Report completed daily and submitted to manager.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly Zoom meeting or in-person meeting with Director of Admissions.
  • Clear verbal and written communication with applicants, and inter-and intra-departmentally.
  • Adherence to agreed-upon schedule and to all CFA policies.

General Duties

  • Gains an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of all CFA program offerings (including degree programs offered through Bryan College), recruitment process (including familiarity with Salesforce system, gmail, and other contact methods), admission requirements, and admissions policies and procedures as outlined in the CFA Admissions Manual.
  • Participates in regular training meetings provided online or in-person by CFA.
  • Responds to prospective student inquiries using a combination of phone, email, text, social media, webchat, and/or other communication mediums.
  • Documents all activity in CFA’s online software system Salesforce.
  • Motivates applicants to excel while ensuring that questions and concerns are responded to accurately and ethically.
  • Ensures proper dissemination of information to prospective students for any changes in pricing, curriculum, start dates, housing options, etc.
  • Personally develops lead opportunities by engaging in prospecting activities.
  • As needed, personally meets with prospects and parents, either in person or via a video conferencing tool, such as Skype or Zoom.
  • Provides recommendations for process improvement, lead distribution, or other matters as deemed necessary.
  • Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

Physical Demands/Work Environment Requirements

  • Can work from home, but must have a dedicated office or workspace
  • Must be able to provide the following technology items:
    • A working PC desktop or laptop with Windows 7 or higher, 8MB of RAM or higher, and a processor that is equivalent to or better than an Intel i3, 2.3 GHz
    • A webcam, either in a laptop, or external webcam connected via USB
    • Internet connection, preferably directly connected with an Ethernet cable that has dedicated bandwidth of 5 Mbps up and down
    • A computer headset, which is used for making calls via a softphone application on the computer
  • Ability to sit and work in a virtual environment on a computer for up to 8 hours per day using software technology including but not limited to Salesforce, Zoom, Vonage, and webchat (training to be provided for all technology used)
  • Ability to work a schedule at least 40 hours per week

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be able to read, write, and be conversationally fluent in English and Spanish
  • College experience and/or degree preferred, but not required
  • Experience working in a sales or admissions position
  • Experience working with a flight school or in aviation is a plus
  • Understanding of the US educational visa process
  • Proven track record for being a dynamic communicator and facilitator
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Strong communication (both verbal and written), presentation
  • Strong time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment
  • Demonstrated proficiency in navigating through a PC and multiple software systems

To Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to:, and a paragraph (in the body of the email) describing why you believe you are a good fit for this position.


Chehadeh Alchikh

Hired by Airlines

Alchikh is a proud California Flight Academy graduate. As one of our youngest flight instructors, Alchikh has already earned 5 flight certificates, and is working on more. Alchikh’s love for aviation began at age 15 and was fueled by his brother’s interest in flight. Alchikh was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. After graduating high school, he started pilot training here at C.F.A. His ambition and motivation makes him a wonderful role model for his students. When not flying, you can find Alchikh on the basketball court. Someday, he hopes to fly for Emirate Airlines.
“Live to fly, fly to live”

David Tittle

Hired by Airlines

David’s passion for flight began watching a Blue Angel airshow as a small boy, it was then he knew aviation was his future. He grew up in Prescott Arizona where his father taught aviation and is proud to continue with the family tradition of taking to the skies.
“I have always wanted to be an educator. Having the ability to combine that with aviation is dream come true.”

Mohammad Al Masarwa


CFI Mohammad Al Masarwa was born and raised in Syria and he speaks both Arabic and English. His free time is spent scuba diving and driving high performance autos. Mohammad obtained his education at Royal Jordanian Air Academy in Jordan and here at California Flight Academy.
“Teaching aviation has given me a deep and detailed understanding of what it takes to be a pilot, and I love communicating that to my students.”

Mohamed Elserihi


CFI Mohamed Elserihi is from Cairo, Egypt and speaks Arabic and English. In his spare time he enjoys muscle cars, rally racing and fishing. He studied Architecture and Design at Cairo University but like all of our CFIs, chose to pursue a career in Aviation.
“Being a CFI you get a lot of experience flying with students that will help you and them in your career.”

Andrew Aldrich


CFI Andrew Aldrich grew up in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado and enjoys everything outdoors as well as drawing and painting. He studied Political Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder but rather than a path into politics he took to the skies with a career in Aviation.
“If you can teach it you know it, so working as a Flight Instructor gives me a chance to refine my own skills and help others reach their goals.”

Rio Jasso


CFI Rio Jasso is a California native raised in Moorpark. He studied Aviation Flight Technology in college with a goal to become Captain for a major airline. Rio loves spending time with his family camping and playing basketball.
“I want to help others reach their goals in aviation as I continue to reach for my own.”

Louai Khafaai


CFI Louai Khafagi was raised in both Ann Arbor, Michigan and Cairo, Egypt and speaks English and Arabic. Louai studied aviation in Greece, Qatar and Dallas, Texas making him one of the most international of our CFI’s. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and surfing.
“Having the opportunity to teach others to fly lets me share an incredible sense of accomplishment.”

Alessandro Gonzalez


CFI Alex Gonzalez is from Seal Beach, California and is just as comfortable in the water as he is in the skies. He studied Graphic Design at Cal State Long Beach, but then his love of aviation took him into flight training and eventually a Commercial Pilot license.
“I love everything about aviation and flying and I hope to communicate that to my students.”

Brennan Gray


Brennan Gray grew up in Evergreen, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado-Boulder. There she studied Pre-Med but moved on to Aviation because of her passion for flying. She derives a great amount of satisfaction from the success of her students. When not flying she is watching football, or participating in one of the many sports she pursues.
“I love helping students achieve and even raise their goals in aviation.”

Jeff Dillard


Jeff is a Southern California native having grown up in Escondido, California. He studied Business at Palomar College and then went on to earn his Flight Instructor rating. On his off time, Jeff trades the skies for the ocean while scuba diving. 
“I have a great time teaching my students how great aviation is.”

Mohamed Hamdi


Hama is from Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia and speaks Arabic, French, English and German. He has trained in both Florida and California and is enthusiastic about his career as a Flight Instructor. Hama is an avid reader and loves to cook for friends and family in his free time.
“Teaching flying provides me the opportunity to become a better pilot every day.”

Ryan Decker


Originally from Indiana, Ryan acquired his aviation training in Sacramento, California. Captured by the beauty of California, Ryan decided to teach here as a CFI to bring up the next generation of pilots as he himself continues to realize his dreams of eventually becoming a corporate pilot. In his spare time Ryan also enjoys camping, hiking and skiing.
“I enjoy the process of teaching and watching my students gain the skills that will take them to a rewarding career.”

Kent Parrish


Parrish has his bachelor’s in Business and Psychology. He previously owned a flight school offering Citation Type Ratings and owned a banner towing business. His love for aviation came from his father who is a retired TWA pilot. He likes fitness, hiking, reading and travel.
“There is nothing more rewarding than when a CFA graduate realizes their dream by getting a job with an airline.”


“Encontré todo lo que estaba buscando en CFA. ¡Me emocioné mucho!

–Luis Manuel Gómez Hernández, CFA Graduado, Mexico

“Mi tiempo en CFA fue bueno, a veces un poco difícil, pero realmente disfruté esta experiencia con mis amigos y el personal de CFA”.

–Juan Carlos Munoz Cardenas, Graduado CFA

“Solo quiero agradecerles por toda mi experiencia de entrenamiento de piloto privado. ¡Hace dos meses pasé mi último viaje de revisión de lanzamiento y ahora soy un primer oficial de Airbus 319!”

–Alberto Porras Lozano, Graduado de CFA

“CFA has the best weather to fly with good training facilities. The airport is located between mountains so that you learn the instruments and different approaches, which helped me become a great pilot. Now I’m a Boeing 737 First Officer at Miat Mongolian Airlines!”

–Tuguldur Boldbaatar, CFA Graduate

“My time at CFA was good – sometimes a bit hard – but I really enjoyed this experience with my friends and the CFA staff.”

–Juan Carlos Munoz Cardenas, CFA Graduate, Colombia

“My CFA experience was amazing. The instructors are so loving and caring – the best I could have asked for.”

–Mitchell Ross, CFA Graduate - Zambia

“I’m glad I chose CFA, because all of the staff and instructors are very humble and kind. All the students here are very friendly, and I have made friends from all over the world. This makes CFA my home away from home.”

–Irfan Asif, CFA Graduate, Saudi Arabia/Pakistan

“CFA was my choice from the moment I heard about the school. It’s the experience I got here that was very valuable.”

–Joseph Obgunbambi, CFA Graduate - Nigeria

“CFA was a great experience for me. I had everything to take my first steps in aviation. I’m now a Boeing 737 First Officer!”

–Galina Marakhovskaya, CFA Graduate, Ukraine

“I just want to say thank you for my whole private pilot training experience. Two months ago I passed my final release check ride and now I’m an Airbus 319 First Officer!”

–Alberto Porras Lozano, CFA Graduate

“After much research I chose CFA. The friends I made here and the knowledgeable instructors have made it very easy for me to secure my future in the skies. In my opinion, this is the best place to study and to get your license.”

–Maharshi Patel, CFA Graduate - India

“I was looking for very good customer service, good location, plenty of airplanes to train in, and good weather. I found everything I was looking for in CFA. When I emailed the school, I received an immediate response from a Captain who was flying in Volaris Airlines. I got very excited!”

–Luis Manuel Gómez Hernández, CFA Graduate, Mexico

Start Your Pilot Training at One of the Safest Environments!

All CFA Staff and Instructors Now Vaccinated

We are pleased to announce that all CFA staff and instructors have received the Covid-19 vaccine as of March 26, 2021. We also have vaccines available for students if needed. This means you can rest assured you are training in one of the safest environments in the U.S. We also maintain the highest standards of safety for all our aircraft at or above FAA standards. To learn more about taking that first step into the cockpit in sunny San Diego, please call +1 619 448 2212.