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Director of Maintenance Needed! - Job Description

January 26, 2022
by Kent Parrish

Director of Maintenance

Salary: $65,000 - $80,000 plus medical

Since 1987 California Flight Academy has been a world-renowned flight school in the San Diego area that has trained thousands of students from all parts of the globe. Graduates have successfully become private pilots, flight instructors and commercial airline pilots. CFA is an approved FAA Part 141 school that trains students with the knowledge, flight hours and experience that lead directly to high demand pilot careers in aviation.

We are looking for a Director of Maintenance to fulfill our academy’s mission and priorities.


Our mission is a commitment to our students, and that commitment is all about students achieving the pilot career of their dreams. To accomplish this, we help each student develop an individual pilot career pathway. Along this pathway, there will be challenges and trials, but the reward is far greater. We work tirelessly to help our students every step of the way.


The director of maintenance plays a critical, contributing role to ensure that students successfully move along their path towards becoming a successful pilot. The director will work closely with the maintenance shop, parts suppliers, chief instructors, instructors and students to ensure the safe operation of all aircraft to enable students to progress in a timely fashion through all phases of their training. Below are the priorities and responsibilities of the director of maintenance:


Facilitates student progress by ensuring that planes are airworthy and well maintained for safe, scheduled flights. This include addressing squawks in a timely fashion for minimal downtime, helping students understand aircraft systems and fostering a culture of safety and timely maintenance.


Ensures data integrity on all information that relates to air worthiness of CFA’s fleet of aircraft. This includes tracking and complying with FAA Airworthiness directives, keeping CFA Upgrade Plan current on a daily basis and supervising that all maintenance is timely and completed according to the highest quality standards to retain instructor and student confidence. Other administrative responsibilities:

  • Review engine TBO requirements two months in advance.
  • Ensure maintenance work is completed to meet FAA standards with vendors.
  • Ensure that necessary parts are in inventory for zero delays for scheduled TBOs, Annual, 100 and 50 hour inspections and for unscheduled maintenance/repairs.
  • Supervise technicians to ensure a timely RTS and quality workmanship is completed.
  • Work closely with scheduler, dispatcher, chiefs to ensure optimal utilization of fleet.
  • Work closely with Accountant/Office Manager related to invoices and orders on parts.

Please submit resumes or additional inquires to [email protected].


"CFA has the best weather to fly with good training facilities. Now I'm a Boeing 737 First Officer at Miat Mongolian Airlines!"
–Tuguldur Boldbaatar, CFA Graduate
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