Earn Your Professional Pilot’s License in Less Than a Year

Timeline and Tuition


Your pursuit of higher education is one of the most important investments you’ll make. And once you’ve decided to take your future to the next level, the first step in financing your education starts with exploring personal and family resources for funding your dreams. After you’ve identified your personal resources, the next step is to investigate financial aid opportunities, as well as other financial assistance programs that can supplement your financing.

Programs at California Flight Academy are broken up into 4 Phases as highlighted below:

FAA CommercialPilot Program - 192 hours*Hours 
Phase IPrivate Pilot License55$15,195
Phase IIInstrument Rating55$15,070
Phase IIIPre Commercial55$11,345
Phase IVCommercial Pilot License27$10,470

Additional Courses, Services and Fees are as follows:

Additional Expenses 
Total Additional Fees: $5,690
I-20 Fee, Sevis Fee, Fingerprints$1,190
Medical Fee$125
Aircraft Deductible Fee$225
Head Set$250
CFA Uniform (Pilot shirt with epaulets, pants and shoes)$150
Course Materials$1,005
FAA Written Exam Fees x 3$495
FAA Checkride Examiner Fees x 3$2,250
Grand Total$57,770

*Prices are subject to changes.

The total cost and flight hours vary depending on many factors, and actual cost will vary upon individual student ability, dedication, aptitude, performance, and self-discipline.

Please note that the estimates on the table above are based on a specific number of hours approved by the FAA, and that pilot-students in many cases will need more hours in order to achieve the level of proficiency required to by FAA to become a safe and competent professional pilot.

Consider the following: the minimum hours required by the FAA are 35 or 40 depending on the type of training. CFA’s program is designed for a student to earn the FAA Private Pilot certificate in 55 hours. However, in general, a student pilot may need between 55 and 75 hours to earn a FAA PPL certificate. At CFA, we strongly believe that a student that studies hard, has the right academic mindset, and commits to a rigorous flight training routine, will be able to achieve his or her PPL goals in less than 75 hours.

A student pilot uniform is required for your training and once you arrive here we will give you information on where to purchase them at a local Pilot store.

From time to time, all pricing is subject to adjustments due to cost increases. Typically, price increases will be effective on January 1 for the coming year. Though not currently anticipated, all students will receive at least 90 days’ notice of any other increases.