Graduate Success

“Since the moment I contacted CFA for the first time, Diana, Heather and Ash were right there to help me figure out the best way for ME to become a pilot. At the school I was greeted always with a big smile. CFA has created for me an amazing flight learning experience, with a good study environment, with all the resources I needed, always with the advice that works best for me, and always with a smile.” – Etai Charit, CFA Flight Student

“Hi Guys, I just want to say thank you for my whole private pilot training back in 2010. Two months ago I passed my final release checkride and now I’m an Airbus 319 First Officer. Hope you are doing great over there! Cheers.” – Alberto Porras Lozano, CFA Graduate

“At CFA, I received the best training and treatment and the instructors are very efficient and experienced. I finished all my flight training from private pilot to multi-commercial in only 7 months, and they saved me a lot of money. Most importantly, they made me a great pilot. On top of all that, they made me feel I am part of a big family – the CFA family, which helped me a lot being far away from home for the first time in my life. CFA is the best place to be in U.S. for flight training and I recommend it to everyone who wants to be a great professional pilot and have a fun flight training experience.” – Jose Angel Pereida, CFA Graduate and First Officer, Volaris Airlines Mexico

“I just finished my flight training at CFA. I have been to a few flight schools, gathering hours here and there, but CFA is, by far, the best school I have ever been to yet. The CFI’s are well qualified and helped me immensely through each step of my training. The staff is warm and welcoming and I really built a solid comradery with my fellow students. This school cared about my success; I wasn’t just a number and they truly encouraged me to be my best. I would highly recommend California Flight Academy to any student who is thinking about becoming a proficient and competent pilot!” – Ali Hafeez, CFA Graduate

“I came to CFA all the way from India. I was pleasantly surprised by the well-kept facility and the variety of aircraft that are available to train in. The staff helped me adjust to living in San Diego and even picked me up from the airport. The apartments I stayed in were really very nice! When I first left my country to start my training, I was a bit scared to be in a new environment. I quickly realized I had become a part of the CFA family and they put my fears at ease! Thank you California Flight Academy for some of the best memories of my life!” – Rashad Gupta, CFA Graduate

“CFA is dedicated to training their students in a fast and efficient manner – they are not here to waste your time or drag your training on. The goal is to get you finished and see you succeed to the next career step. Gillespie field is a perfect airport to train in.  It’s also far enough away from the beach that you don’t get the marine layer that can affect the pace of your flight training. If you are thinking about joining this school, think no more and do it – you will not regret your decision!” – Saul Casillas, CFA Graduate

“I am a veteran that trained at California Flight Academy. I was able to use my VA benefits (Montgomery GI Bill) to help cover the cost of my Instrument and Commercial License here. The staff accurately calculated my hours and submitted all of my paperwork to the VA on time every month. I was reimbursed just a few weeks later. I highly recommend this Academy to Veterans who want to begin a career as an airline pilot. I am now thinking about taking the CFI, CFII and ATP courses with CFA because my benefits cover this too – this school has it all!” – John Stapleton, CFA Graduate

“Thanks for providing a safe environment conducive to learning and fun. I enjoyed working with so many international students and flying out of Gillespie field.” – Liz Buron, CFA Graduate

“Amongst other things which I attribute to my success, I firmly believe that the training at CFA was a contributing factor to acquire solid basics of flying, especially instrument flying.” – Capt Raj Singh,  First Officer, Air Charter Services India

“CFA provided me a flight training experience in one of the world’s best environments. Flying out of a controlled airport gives student pilots a lot of exposure to radio communications. By the time we graduate, we have enough confidence to land at any controlled airport.”  – Karan Parasher, CFA Graduate

“The time I spent training with your outfit was very valuable and worth every penny.  I can’t think of any way I could have spent the money and enjoyed it more.  You have changed my view of flight school operations.  I truly enjoyed being around and part of your operation.” – Mark Story, CFA Graduate

“I just reached India two days ago and everyone was pleased to congratulate me for completing the course in such a short period.  I really enjoyed living and flying with the CFA family and had a great time.” – Jujhar Singh, CFA Graduate