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Earn your instrument rating from the industry’s most qualified instructors.

Completing an instrument rating will help set you apart as a highly-qualified, professional pilot.

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Instrument Rating

After completion of the PPL, students may begin their Instrument Rating training. The Instrument Rating course trains pilots to fly an aircraft solely by reference to instruments in conditions of low visibility.  For instance, pilots can fly in cloud cover or at night.

The Instrument Rating course includes the following elements:

  • 34 Dual Flight Hours*
  • 14 Redbird Simulator hours*
  • Ground Instruction (Pre/Post)
  • Cessna Computer Instruction
  • Air Traffic Control Communications
  • 2 Check Ride Hours*

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*This represents the average number of hours for a CFA student. Individual hours may vary and more hours may be required depending upon skill level. Please see current Flight Hour Rate Card for additional details.

Graduate Testimonial

"Amongst other things which I attribute to my success, I firmly believe that the training at CFA was a contributing factor to acquire solid basics of flying, especially instrument flying.”

Capt Raj Singh,  First Officer, Air Charter Services India
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