Why Attend CFA

To take your pilot career goals and make them happen, you need industry-leading instructors, diverse flight-time experience, and best-in-class techniques that are solely focused on your success. You need the education of the future—an education delivered by a world-renowned flight school with a proven track record of success.

Top reasons to attend California Flight Academy include:

  • Reputation of Excellence

    Since its inception, CFA has set itself apart as a leader in the pilot training industry.  From instructors and ground crew to administrative personnel, CFA is proud of the quality and competence of its employees along with the quality of its aircraft and training curriculum.  With over 80,000 flight hours completed, successful graduates all over the world, and zero student injuries, our track record shines.

  • Credentialed, Experienced Flight Instructors

    To ensure you receive the very best education possible, CFA flight instructors are carefully selected with the right certifications, credentials and experience.  We expect the highest standards of excellence from each instructor and their success is ultimately measured by your success as a pilot.

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Approved and Cessna Certified

    CFA is approved by the United States FAA for both part 61 and part 141 training and operates as a Cessna certified facility.  This means that our training facilities, curriculum, Chief Flight Instructors and aircraft are inspected and approved by the FAA.  You can trust CFA to provide you top-quality training and the best experience possible.

  • Diverse Flight Experience

    CFA offers various courses and ratings ranging from Private Pilot and Commercial Multi-Engine to Airline Transport Pilot.  All courses are designed to give you exposure to various types of aircraft, plus there are various aircraft upgrades available.   CFA also provides students with more than the FAA minimum number of dual and solo flight hours, in addition to simulation hours, ground instruction and interactive computer-based instruction.

  • Outstanding Airport & Facilities

    The CFA air strip is located at Gillespie Field in San Diego County.   Gillespie supports a well-maintained, controlled environment that also includes an FAA control tower.  Unlike many other airports, Gillespie is not hectic or overly-busy.  This means more flight time for you, plus you’ll gain extensive experience with control tower radio communications.

  • Exceptional Climate Ideal for Flying

    CFA is located in sunny San Diego, California, in the United States of America. The U.S. Weather Bureau describes San Diego’s weather as the most nearly-perfect in America. On average, San Diego experiences 320 sunny days per year, with an average year-round temperature of 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit).  San Diego’s beautiful climate makes it not only the perfect place to live, but more importantly, one of the most ideal places to fly.

  • Optimally Maintained Aircraft Fleet

    We have a fleet of aircraft that are meticulously maintained above industry standards.  Each is cared for by our on-site FAA-certified mechanics.  We take pride in our aircraft, and the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority.  To learn more about our fleet, please click here.

We invite you to start your pilot pathway at CFA today by completing the Request Information Form above, or calling us directly at (619) 448-2212.  Or, explore our Programs and Ratings.